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Ain't Square, Just Alive

san's cool: a mostly-fandom recommendation journal

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« jess »
cubedrecs' resident panfandom recommender
INFO likes to make bad puns to cover up for her failing at humor; will read or listen to anything; when excited, tends to flail her hands, make faces, and replace words with beatboxing-- and she gets excited over everything
INTERESTS writing, reading, designing, drawing, cooking, photography, chatting
OTHER good: friends, hugs, smiles, laughter, freebies, yummy food | bad: spicy foods, boredom, animosity | writing: primarily original fiction, occasionally FFVII, HP, Naruto, KHR! (for fanfiction, bribing or infecting with plot bunnies works best) | lastly: in charge of all the general insanity
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« jenny »
cubedrecs' specialized kh & ffvii recommender
INFO talks with her hands, writes with her heart, uses far too many metaphors for her own good; crazy she is not. fanatical, just a tad.
INTERESTS video games, writing, liberalism, intelligence, dark chocolate, abs & arms, travelling, dreams, music
OTHER reading: open to anything. if you write it and show her, she will read it. simple.as.that. | video games: sony is made of awesome | goals: make a difference, save a life, be happy | fortune: small but very hot | most importantly: you have your passions, i have mine

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« linda »
cubedrecs' specialized khr! recommender
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